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Healthier Living for Healthier Everything...

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The world is facing a medical epidemic arising from self-defeating, but culturally condoned lifestyle choices. Use of addictive substances (nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, MSG, etc.), and sedentary activities like smoking, drinking, eating, TV, computer games, and gambling, give rise to obesity, Diabetes, chronic heart disease, cancers of all sorts, emotional imbalance, and nervous disorders, to name a few.

These lifestyle-induced diseases are preventable! But prevention will require new healthy, responsible, sustainable lifestyle choices. Making new choices will require new well as social support and reinforcement for these new, healthy options.

Green Living is working with education, inspiration, and demonstration to develop and provide new, much-needed, healthier lifestyle options and to support people in making their healthier choices.

Fortunately, there is growing segment of society, including the silent majority of nonsmoking women, men, and children, who are waking up to the need for healthier, more fulfilling, more responsible lifestyles.

They long for quiet, peaceful Smokefree places where they can get away from the craziness of our modern society, harmonize with nature, be in a safe and healthy environment, trust in the people, products, and services around them, observe their dietary needs and preferences, connect with like-minded people, and reconnect with their innermost selves.

In China, this is still just a dream...

People seeking healthier, more fulfilling lifestyles (Seekers) have no place to socialize, little access to the information and products needed for making healthier choices… and people around them pressure them to stay the way they are.

Many business owners also long for healthier business options, but most business owners feel that they have to cater to these outworn customs of society, no matter how unhealthy they are, in order to survive in business.

Green Living endeavors to satisfy these longings and serve this untapped market by creating such places and businesses as prototypes, and then replicating them around China.

As a newly developing Social Enterprise, Green Living is using business methods to support altruistic motives, with a triple bottom line: people, planet, and prosperity.

We use the word health to include all forms of health…not just the health of body, mind, and spirit, but also the health of the society, the environment, the planet, the economy, etc. When we mention health, please think beyond the usual.

Expanding on the Green Breathing model that we began at Xiamen University in 2006 to bring Smokefree Air to China, Green Living offers an attractive, hands-on, real-life approach to making healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Mission?

• To introduce, demonstrate, encourage, facilitate, support, popularize, and normalize the Green Living way of life (healthier, more fulfilling, and more responsible)

• Serve the untapped market of people already longing for Green Living lifestyles

• Create new, prosperous businesses to serve the Green Living community.

• Inspire existing businesses to adopt Green Living principles and practices.

• Demonstrate that Green Living businesses can be profitable, fulfilling…and good for the economy.

Our Goal?

• To make Green Living lifestyles and the Green Living way of doing business the norm in China.

How will we do this?

According to the medically endorsed concept, a healthy lifestyle requires a nutritious diet, exercise, low stress, clean air and water, and plenty of sleep. Our Green Living Centers will go beyond that to include a peaceful, harmonious environment, a reverence for beauty, a positive, compassionate attitude, and gratitude. We have come up with the following strategy for creating healthier lifestyles:

By developing Green Living Centers as models, healthy lifestyle options can be replicated and popularized throughout China, the US, and eventually internationally. 

The basic model will be a peaceful, smokefree Café / Enrichment Center and shop to serve as a gathering place that provides social reinforcement for like-minded people and provides access to the healthy foods and products that participants will learn about and want.

It features:

• Simple, healthy Eastern, Western, and innovative snacks, meals and beverages that take into account food allergies and sensitivities as well as individual dietary when possible. • Books, information, and programs that embody and promote healthy, responsible, sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling living.

• Healthy, responsible, sustainable products for people to sample and purchase.

• Areas for eating, meeting, learning, socializing, and relaxing.

Built on this basic model, variations will be created outside the city, in a pure, peaceful, natural environment. Such variations include:

• Peaceful, quiet guest houses geared to tourists

• Peaceful, family-oriented centers and guesthouses, with special services and educational offerings for children and parents.

• Secluded retreat houses for art, writing, meditation, study, research, etc.

Add-on options feature spas, meditation rooms, hands-on organic gardens, lecture/music halls, art/craft workshops, conference facilities, etc., depending on the local needs and resources.

The Green Living Network will help us target and serve those who already embrace the Green Living philosophy. They in turn will help us reach out to those just getting interested in pursuing healthier lifestyles and creating positive change in the world.

Like Green Breathing, Green Living is starting as a grassroots endeavor here in China, and is already receiving enthusiastic response. Americans are eagerly asking to do Green Living in the US, as well.

In summary, Green Living, by providing healthy alternatives to our current lifestyle choices, can inspire people to live healthier, more fulfilling lives, generate healthy businesses, and boost the economy. We are currently building the Green Living Network, team-building, researching the best books and products for our Green Living Centers to sell, developing cottage industries to create and sell our own Green Living products, and raising Start-up Funds to get the ball rolling. Please join us!

For more details, please contact us for our 15 page Concept Paper

Green Living...

for Healthy Living and Responsible Lifestyle Choices

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