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Prayer Circles

It occurred to me that the images might be even more powerful for people if the prayer-paintings embodied their own prayers.

We could gather together, physically or digitally, share our intentions and prayers, and then during the meditation, I would create a new prayer-painting to embody those prayers. The prayer-painting created would result in 200-400 photographic images, so participants could go into their group’s special Gallery and select the images and items that speak to their own personal prayer. They would then get their prayer-painting out into the world as they see fit.

Prayers Made Visible Patrons 

- Art Patrons – people who purchase existing images, slide shows, and videos  for public spaces

- Prayer Patrons – people who work with me to create a new prayer-painting for a public space

- Project Patrons – people who sponsor major Prayers Made Visible projects for public spaces

- Corporate Patrons – conscious businesses commissioning Prayers Made Visible programs and products for own  business setting.

The Peaceful Planet Project

To be Announced...

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