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 Explore and promote the fulldome as a medium / venue for healing; relaxing the body, soothing the mind, and uplifiting the spirit

• Create a place in the fulldome world for a new Health, Wellness, and Healing genre.

• Provide innovative, uplifting programs and products for conscious businesses with Health and Wellness programs


• 9 months exploring fulldome capabilities as Artist-In-Residence at the Southworth Planetarium, University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME

• Internationally recognized artist, educator, and innovator

• Professional experience in the Arts, Public Speaking, Teaching, Entrepreneurship

• Love of teaching in any form; excellent rapport with people of all ages

Anything's possible! attitude; question everything and push beyond the limits


Bachelor of Science Degree — Art Education--University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA—1963

Master of Fine Arts Degree — Fiber Arts--University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA---1972

Certificate--Mandarin Chinese — intensive summer program, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA—1998


Applied Aesthetics -- Xiamen University’s Tan Kah Kee College, Zhang Zhou, Xiamen, China---2006-2007

Spoken English -- Xiamen University’s English, Economics, Int’l Banking Depts, Xiamen, China--2000-2002, 2005-2006

Spoken English for students and their English teachers -- #2 Middle School, Xiamen, China--2003-2005

Language Exchange Salons for Chinese Students and Scholars at Cornell University — initiated and conducted informal gatherings, Ithaca, NY, USA--1999 to 2000

Spoken English for lawyers from China’s Ministries of Education, Geology and Mineralogy, and Finance -- US-China People’s Friendship Association, Boston, MA, USA--1993

The BADvertising Institute -  (see more below), 1986 - present

Violating the Weaving Traditions and Weaving with Recycled Materials, Green River Community College, Seattle, WA - 1972


Under a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts; sponsored by Allied Arts of Seattle.  Used industrial scrap and experimental materials to create art and stimulate employee creativity and enthusiasm.  Seattle, WA - 1976-79.  Resulting pieces were exhibited nationally.

   - The Gasket Company - set up a studio in their plant 

  -  Gaco-Western - worked with their materials in my own studio

   - The Boeing Co - worked with their materials in my own studio

Spearheaded the Artist-Industry Collaborations movement in the US  by developing the Artist-Industry Collaborations Project with Betsy Hite, Arts Management Expert, Seattle, 1978


Artist-in-Residence in the Studio—CETA Grant from the City of Seattle, Seattle, WA, USA--1976-1977

Artist-in-Residence in Seattle Schools—Grant from the Washington State Arts Commission, USA--1977

Artist-in-Residence in Industrial Plants—Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, USA—1978

Artist-In-Residence at the Southworth Planetarium - University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME 2016


Who’s Who in American Art — (USA) 1987-present.

Who’s Who in the World — (Global) Nov 2007-present.

Who’s Who in America — (USA) 2009-present.

Numerous awards for the BADvertising website - (Global) 1995-present.

The Giraffe Award — (Global) for people who “stick their necks out” in the public interest—1988.  


10th World Conference on Tobacco or Health – (BADvertising) Beijing, China—1997.

World Congress of Cardiology – (Green Living, Prayers Made Visible) Beijing, China—2010.


National Endowment for the Arts — Craftsman’s Fellowship for studio art, USA--1975.

National Endowment for the Arts — Grants for Artist/Industry Collaborations with companies including The Boeing Co. to make art from industrial scrap materials, Seattle, WA, USA--1976-79.

New Jersey Assist Program (tobacco prevention) — Grants for conducting BADvertising Train-the-Trainer Seminars, Workshops, and Slide Presentations throughout NJ--1988-2000.


The BADvertising Institute and the Joy of Smoking...A Spoof on Cigarette Advertising art exhibit and images have been featured in professional journals, newspapers, and magazines, nationally and internationally since 1986, including: 

• Tobacco Control (British Medical-Journal, professional journal) — Article about Green Breathing - Global—2006

• Advance for Respiratory Care for Practitioners (professional journal) — Article about BADvertising, USA—1996

• New Jersey Journal of Medicine (professional journal) — Article about BADvertising, Princeton, NJ—1988 

•  American Medical News (professional newspaper for doctors) - Front page cover story featured full-page spread on Joy of Smoking spoof on tobacco advertising   ( BADvertising ), Global--1986


Self-Employed Professional Artist -- Part-time and full-time – USA and China--1972 - present.

Current Work – Prayers Made Visible ( - USA 


In 1986 I developed an educational program to immunize young people against deceitful advertising--especially tobacco advertising. I gave visual form to the truth behind dishonest ads and called it The BADvertising Institute. The BADvertising program has six different teaching components.

The BADvertising program’s six different teaching components:

• Exhibitions--conducting informal discussions along with each exhibit.

• Workshops--teaching young people to create their own BADvertising counter-ads.

• Train-the-Trainer Seminars--teaching educators how to use these innovative BADvertising methods and materials to communicate with young people on the tobacco issues.

• Slide Shows--introducing community leaders to the BADvertising concept and inspiring them to support the young people in community-wide BADvertising campaigns.

• Conference Presentations--introducing the BADvertising images and philosophy to doctors, educators and tobacco control specialists at health and medical conferences and conventions nationwide – and internationally at the 10th World Conference on Tobacco or Health, in Beijing, China.

• Web Site—communicating with young people and educators worldwide. Teaching by example the value of these right-brain BADvertising methods. It’s in the process of being translated into Chinese.

PRAYERS MADE VISIBLE US exhibits and showings 2014-present:

• The Southworth Planetarium - Fulldome shows -Jan, Apr, May, June, 2016

• Launched 3 pieces to YouTube in San Francisco-Mar, 2015

• Spa Day Private Showing – framed, projected, and monitor, Port Crane, NY-Mar 22, 2015

• Whip Works Gallery – Members show – framed pieces, Windsor, NY-Jan-Feb 2015

• DWD Memorial Showing – framed, projected and digital screen,  Binghamton, NY-Oct 8, 2014

• Spool Mfg. Gallery 3-Person Show - Framed, projected, and digital screens, Johnson City, NY-Sept, 2014.

• Private and University showings in China…2012-2013

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