21 Prayer for understanding karma-blue series

Customized Prayers Made Visible Programs:

Let artist, Bonnie Vierthaler, add a unique and evocative twist to your Health and Welless Program...the best of the Prayers Made Visible offerings, customized to meet your company's particular needs.

Bring offices and employees to life with Prayers Made Visible images on computer screens, mouse pads, and mugs, as mindfulness memos, Imagine beautiful images swirling about on digital frames, enlivening dreary corridors and boring lunch rooms, or projected on large screens in company gathering places.

Soothing, uplifting Prayers Made Visible fulldome experiences relieve stress, elicit renewed creativity, and stimulate improved communications. In addition, the artist offers to conduct engaging, interactive employee activities and public events.

The Premium Program will run for one year and include the installation of a portable digital dome, indoors or out.

The Premium Program is offered exclusively to conscious businesses, retreat centers, and planetariums. To see if you qualify, contact Bonnie Vierthaler at 207-865-9090 or 207 420-1434.

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