Prayers Made Visible Videos

"They're so soothing"  "Healing" "Cosmic" " Relaxing"  "Wow!"  Such are the reactions from people watching the Prayers Made Visible videos on their cell phones, tablets, computers, TV's., and large screens in galleries and lecture halls.  They're composed of the individual images that you see on the Images page.  

I could always see in my mind's eye how I wanted the images to flow in and out of one another.  Finally I realized that I had to stop talking about it and just do it!   So I went into the Apple Store and learned how to make videos with iMovie.  

Hopefully some like-minded digital geeks will be inspired by these modest examples and work with me to take them to the next level...pointing the way to cosmic awareness.

To Purchase thePrayers Made Visible videos...

Actually, we're still working on the purchasing details, so please just contact me directly at  Thanks !

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