Prayers Made Visible Screensavers

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Be refreshed every time your computer goes to sleep

Let soothing  Prayers Made Visible images undulate over your screen and feel your stress levels melt away.

Purchase a Prayers Made Visible  Screensaver...

Choose your favorite screensaver from the Galleries below and click on Purchase. Actually, we're still working on the purchasing details, so for now, just contact me directly at Thanks !

To put a Prayers Made Visible Screensaver on your Mac computer...

(The Screensaver will run automatically when your computer goes to sleep)

*  Download the Screensaver images from the Purchase page and save the images to a Folder on your Desktop.  

*  Two-finger-click on the desktop, click on “Change Desktop Background”,

*  Set the theme in the side-bar to “Ken Burns” and switch over from the “Desktop” to the  “Screensaver” button on the right.  

*  Find the downloaded Screensaver files by going to the bottom of the “source” list and click on the Screensaver folder that you just saved to your Desktop.


(is there an App for all this?)

* Can anyone send me instructions for putting a screensaver on a PC?

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