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Fulldome Shows

Let beauty, love, and light transform your spiritual longing into the wonder of cosmic realms.


So, your curiosity got the best of you...

Welcome to the Fulldome Shows page!

A couple of months ago I made my first-ever visit to a planetarium...the Southworth Planetarium  in Portland, ME.  When I looked up, I gasped.  "OMG!  My artwork would be amazing up there!"  Long story short...I had my first showing on the dome a month later, and it was even more amazing than I had ever imagined.  Life-changing!

The audience and folks at the planetarium were excited, too, so I've been doing new fulldome shows every month, as part of the First Friday Art Walk, fulfilling a long-time vision of bringing together Art, Science, and Spirituality.  We're  introducing the Planetarium to Art Walkers, as well.

About the evolution of my prayer-paintings to the dome…

A prayer comes to me and I hold that prayer while I create the painting. When I photograph the prayer-painting in different lights, from different angles, the "light fairies" come and dance on the paper, giving the images a life of their own.

When the images surrender to the embrace of the dome, they are transformed yet again, into a dance that intertwines spirit and technology…a dance that awakens our yearning, and hints at the call that beckons us back home…and we respond from a place of earthly wisdom and wonder.

I see this emerging art form as a powerful force for healing and inspiration…a meditative space inspiring deep inner peace that transports us back to the starry skies and cosmic splendor from whence we came.

Please join us for our breathtaking, meditative fulldome extravaganzas every First Friday at 5:30  on the dome of the Southworth Planetarium in Portland, ME.   I’ll be on hand afterwards in the adjoining gallery to answer your questions, share some snacks, and chat about the future.  

All Art Walk programs are free and substance-free,   For further info, see the planetarium website  at or call +1 (207) 780-4249.

The Southworth Planetarium - 70 Falmouth Street, Portland, Maine..downstairs in USM's Science Building. (there is an elevator)

If you don’t live in the Portland area, or If you just can’t wait until next fulldome show for a little Prayers Made Visible R&R, just spend some time with the images and videos here on the website, I’m certain that you’ll come away relaxed and refreshed.  

Actually, I’d love to hear how you feel, personally, and I'd love to know how my images, slideshows, and videos might help you in your work and in your life. Right now I’m thinking I’ll probably create videos, slide shows, and dome shows for Health and Wellness programs for businesses, including retreats, healing centers, and health spas, as well as planetariums. Any other suggestions?

The full-dome experience is a breathtaking step into healing our wounded spirits.

For directions to the planetarium, and other planetarium info click here:

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