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Creating works of art requires us to then ask ourselves what we’re going to do with it.  My first impulse is to share it freely, as a gift from the heart.  The dictates of living in the world offers us an assortment of other considerations…

• what exactly is fair trade?

• what is the value of what we create…by what measure and to whom?

• where did the notion of the starving artist come from?

• money considerations...

• what is the ultimate goal?

In an effort to balance the societal pressures with my need for a livelihood with my desire to live according to my conscience, this website endeavors to satisfy them all by offering three parts: 

• The Peaceful Planet Project invites everyone to share the Prayers Made Visible images  free of charge for personal use.

• The prices on the items for sale on the website attempt to be fair and realistic at the same time.

• The Art Patrons,  Prayer Patrons, Project Patrons, and corporate clients will hopefully offset the cost of the freebies, and help get the art out into the world in a larger, more visible way…think Sistine Chapel, for example.

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