Getting the Art out into the World

I hope that my prayer-paintings will be like Tibetan prayer flags, sending their healing prayers out into the world and uplifting the planet with Beauty, Love, and Light.

For Personal Use:

The Prayers Made Visible images have evolved from a desire to infuse the world with beautiful images and uplifting energies; to share the Light and point the way to a better world.

If they touch your heart, use them and share them freely…for school or personal projects and proposals, screen savers and slide shows on your computers and tablets, camera phone screens, print out individual greeting cards, etc.*

You can also get the images out into the world by purchasing your favorites right from the Galleries. It’s really easyl! When you find an image that speaks to you, just click on the BUY button. Then you can choose from a wide selection of prints and wall art, as well as Keepsake items…from high quality Keepsake Boxes, Desk Organizers, and Journals, (with a special option for Boutique Gift Wrapping), to mouse pads, mugs, magnets, and key rings.

* Please give credit to Bonnie Vierthaler and Prayers Made Visible. Thanks

For Commercial Use:

We can also fill the world with Beauty, Love, and Light more broadly by using the Prayers Made Visible images commercially…for fabric design, surface design, cover art, conference display panels, fashion and interior design, concert hall and theater backdrops, greeting cards, etc. The sky’s the limit!

Let’s do it! To get the highest resolution images, insure the finest quality products, and honor the copyright laws, let’s work together. You can contact me directly by clicking here.

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