OK So you want to get some beautiful images out into the world…buy a gift or take something to your office, And you’re in a rush! Relax...I’ve created this section just for you! Come back soon for Ready To Go items that you can buy in a flash…well, almost. And you’ll find them right here.

01 Embrace from Above-gold series

These are some images that I featured for Valentines Day,  They're from the Prayer for Embrace from Above  series that I did some years ago for a young friend who seemed to be in need of some unconditional love and a big cosmic hug.

In a week or so I’ll be posting some examples of those images on mouse pads, desk sets, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, etc. And you’ll be able to order them from right here.

If you want to see the images right away and create your own order, you can click here. There are two sets of images in this series…those with hearts and those without.

The next featured items will be designed to combat cabin fever…playing cards, jig saw puzzles, etc.

Then we’ll go on to the various other special occasions for which  you might be needing a really special gift. Wait until you see what I have for Mother’s Day!

You can send me your ideas and suggestions from the Contact page.

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