About the Artist

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Currently serving as the Artist-in-Residence at the Southworth Planetarium at the University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine, USA.

This was my solo exhibition at the Georgia Tech Gallery in the early 70's.  The large piece was part  of my Kaleidoscope series.  The four-by-four foot fabric sections rotated to give completely different designs.  If you go to the Early Work gallery you can see what the pieces looked like when they were rotated.  On the eve of my first Planetarium show, it occurred to me that these large, colorful Kaleidoscope pieces, with the capability of movement, were somehow forerunners to my current fulldome shows.

In addition to my artwork I've done some pretty adventuresome things...from scuba diving and sky diving, to running a bookstore full of wonderful books to stimulate the imagination and uplift the spirit, to starting an organization called Maybe Someday, using the arts and complementary health practices to enrich the lives of people with MS, to living and teaching in China, teaching spoken English, creating an organization called Green Breathing..to bring smoke-free air to China ...and making wonderful friends all along the way.  (Note:  All of China's schools went smokefree in January of 2015!)

I also realize here that it's easier for me to talk about my art and what I've done than to talk about my self and who I am.   I'll have to think about that...

To be continued...:-)

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