Current Work - Prayers Made Visible

01 Prayer of devotion to the guru

Prayers Made Visible is a visual offering of prayers and meditations to uplift the spirit and heal the ills of the planet. Hopefully they'll be a source of calm and grace for you in these difficult times....

Each piece has 3 elements...

(1) The prayer and (2) the painting, done simultaneously...the painting is the visual manifestation of the prayer.

(3) The photography of the prayer-painting, done in different lights from different’s more like choreography, moving the camera as the light interacts with the pigment and the paper to reflect the essence and the spirit of the prayer.

When the light hits the surface of the paper, the process goes to a whole new level, illuminating the painting in a magical, mystical way that's very exciting to me.

The illumination of the painting becomes the embodiment of the prayer.

Is it the light devas dancing between the colors, opening the door to another world and transporting us to a place beyond our earthly existence?

Or is it the energy of the prayer itself, finding its own expression?

Where is the muse in all of this?

What is the role of the artist?

And how much is in the eye of the beholder?

Please come back often to see the prayer-paintings as they unfold, and join the conversation as we explore these various mysteries of life.

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