About the Dome

Untitled photo

The evolution of my work to the dome… A prayer comes to me and I hold that prayer while I create the painting.

When I photograph the prayer-painting in different lights, from different angles, the light fairies come and dance on the paper, giving the images a life of their own.

When the images surrender to the embrace of the dome, they are transformed yet again, into a dance that intertwines spirit and technology…a dance that awakens our yearning, and hints at the call that beckons us back home…and we respond from a place of earthly wisdom.

I see this emerging art form as a powerful force for healing and inspiration…a meditative space inspiring deep inner peace that transports us back to the starry skies and cosmic splendor from whence we came.

This recent foray into the world of circles and domes has led me to ponder…

- Circular structures seem to root us to the earth; their resulting domes become our link to the Heavens.

- The comfort and protection afforded by domed dwellings around the world…teepees, yurts, kivas, igloos, modest mud huts, the huge, communal Round Houses (rammed earth houses) in China, not to mention Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes.

- The pioneers circled their wagons to fend off intruders…

- Ancient, sacred Stone Circles (Stonehenge and others) as our link between the natural, earthly world, connecting us with our cosmic heritage.

- Cathedrals, mosques, and other places of worship are designed to transport us from our earthly intellect to our highest cosmic aspirations.

- The dome as a medium and venue for healing and expansion of consciousness needs its community to be seated in the round, with the center of the circle preserved as sacred space.

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